Write off My Debt

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Write off My Debt 

I Need Debt Help

Unfortunately, many of us often bring ourselves into situations where we are badly flooded in huge debt. Whether you are unable to pay off your credit card dues, council tax debts or any other unsecured loan, you have landed yourself in the hot waters and now you are in a miserable state.

As frustrating as this situation is, the good news is there is a way out of it. You can get help to pay off all your debt in an easy and affordable manner by entering into an IVA agreement. It is a simple process that enables you to write off your unsecured loans conveniently.

How can I calculate my debt

You can have your debt calculated easily by using our debt calculator or by getting in touch with an expert from Get Me Debt Help. This allows you to better analyze your debt situation and figure out whether or not you are eligible to get an IVA.

The process

The process of getting an IVA is relatively simple particularly if you apply for it by Get Me Debt Help. Our experts help you figure out whether or not you qualify for an IVA and the percentage of your debt that can be written off through it.

Once that is settled, we help you opt for a suitable IVA plan according to your debt situation and assist you in gathering the right documents accordingly. The documentation is transferred on to a certified IP who assess your case, connects to your creditors and then creates a legally binding agreement if your lenders agree to the proposal. Once the agreement is signed, you have to pay an affordable monthly installment to slowly pay off your debts and your creditors stay in touch with your IP and not you throughout the process.

Any doubt in choosing our service?

What happens to my credit scoring?

If you get an IVA, you will not be able to get credit for 6 years at least and initially, your credit score will be reduced for a while. However, once your IVA duration ends, your credit details are discarded from the Individual Insolvency Register in the following three months. Your credit rating drops if you are unable to pay off any loans you took earlier. In that case, it is good to get an IVA because once you pay it off completely, you start afresh and can improve on your credit ranking.

How can I get started?

To get started with entering into an IVA agreement, you just need to reach out to our experts here at Get Me Debt Help, find out whether or not you are eligible to apply for an IVA and get started with the process if you do qualify for it. At Get Me Debt Help, our only goal is to make life easier for you so reach out to us today and have your debt written off quickly.

How Can I Get My Debt Written Off with an IVA

Getting your debt written off has never been this easy. Fill in the details required in the form and let Get Me Debt Help have your debt lowered quickly.